Other application for water saving

Cloth washing costs about 15% of fresh water that we use in home. If we can reduce wastage in this area a large amount of water saving will be done. We can use water efficient washing machine for washing clothes. In the time of using washing machine it is wiser to use full load rather than half load or less. Drinking water such a factor, that we can’t cut its use. To get cold water from tap we always waste a lot of water, but we can collect that warm water in a bottle and keep it in fridge to make the water cold rather than waste. We can safe our surface water by storing rain water. In rainy season we can collect water in a large tub for current and future use. Rain water is pure and safe to drink and other usage. Usually rain water goes to ponds or other ways but we don’t use it. Although rain is a great source of pure water but we don’t use it so in other word we waste it. By collecting and storing rain water we can effectively reduce wasting of pure water as Water saving.

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