Types of Semiconductor


An important semiconductor is sometimes referred to as purest of semiconductor types. It consists of thermal materials that have the opportunity of reducing covalent bonds because they freed electrons. A part of its work is to go to a good mass for that support of electrical component conductivity. In situations in which the covalent bonds lose their electrons, electrical qualities from the semiconductors can get affected.


Aside from the intrinsic semiconductors there are even the extrinsic semiconductors. When in comparison to the intrinsic version, the semiconductor technology for extrinsic semiconductors depends upon doped or added contaminants. With this fact, it is also called a doped semiconductor. The extra contaminants play an important role in changing the conductivity qualities from the electrical component.

Two types of extrinsic Semiconductors are N type and P type. The N-type is composed of electrons and holes. For the P-type semiconductor, it functions opposite functions with that from the N-type.

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